What is AeroChat?

AeroChat is a chat client for Discord, styled to look like Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Why does it exist?

AeroChat exists simply because of a lack of options. A lot of people have great looking Windows themes, but then go and use Discord which looks completely out of place. AeroChat aims to fix that.

Is my token safe?

Yes. AeroChat stores your token using the system's keychain, which guarantees encryption. AeroChat refuses to store the token if encryption is unavailable. Neither I, nor any other contributors, can access your token.

Is AeroChat open source?

Yes. You can view the source code on GitHub.

What functionality is missing compared to the official client?

AeroChat is still in early development, so there are a few features missing. However, the most important features are implemented, such as voice chat, file transfers, and more. If any of these features are important to you, feel free to contribute to the AeroChat project or not use AeroChat:

  • Calling people (voice chats in servers work fine)
  • Emoji picker
  • Setting statuses (available but buggy)
  • Any and all moderation features
  • Most user customization (scenes are implemented, but only for other users of the client)

Is AeroChat worth using?

It depends on what your use case is. Discord's Terms of Service prohibits against the usage of third-party clients (like AeroChat), so if you value your Discord account, you should not install AeroChat. AeroChat is still in early development, which means there are features missing that would be considered standard in something like Discord.

I received an error, what do I do?!

If you received an error, please join our Discord server and report it in the #aerochat-help channel. Include all info which the error screen shows you.